Beyond 365

Day 191:

Today I am…  Savoring the feeling.  Indeed my loyal reader’s processing the very good feeling of the assessment that I had yesterday night at work.  Seems I am learning and retaining the stuff that they have been feeding me, sure it may take a bit longer than the average soul, but I am doing it.  I must say, this assessment went a lot better, and I scored higher than the first, but the first is always a bit tricky, being it is your first.  So this time around I scored around the 94 percent on accuracy, didn’t get too many red marks, that is always good.  So I see a little bit more $$  coming my way pay-day.  🙂

My oh my, I am feeling most awesome.  Three work days down, just three more to go.  But they seem to be flying by so fact, just about as fast as the month is, can you believe it is almost July already.  Summer is only a day away, and wow, life is a blur.  I need to try to take it in before it all just becomes a faint memory of something I haven’t seen or done.  And on that note…  Must be getting ready for the day, so here’s to a fab Thursday.

Today I am…  Savoring the feeling.


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