In the air tonight….

That would be the pollen, mold, cedar, pig weed, fungus, cactus, what ever else is floating around out there.  I am truly going to have to start wearing a mask, just to protect me from all the crud floating around.  Today and every day that I have gone to work, I encounter dandelions blown off their stems, floating in the air, just trying to cling for dear life onto me, I see all kinds of stuff billowing out of flowers and from blooming trees blowing in the wind, out to get me and the countless millions out there.  It is hard to avoid, so I end up coughing more, and sneezing trying to keep it at bay.  I really would have loved to have taken a photo, just to show you.  But I was literally on the run, trying to stay ahead and away from it.  Oyvey!  Me no liking this stuff.

Try to keep your sneezes in check my friends and readers.


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