Beyond 365

Day 194:

Today I am…  Doing my own thing.  And by that I mean that today I just went downtown and walked, just enjoyed the day.  There were a little bit of sprinkles, but didn’t let that bother or stop me, just whipped out my umbrella, and went about it.  I walked from congress to Barton springs rd, then caught the bus to southland meadows, did some grocery shopping, hopped back on the bus, and headed back home, it was a good time had by me.  Just took a few photos of my day.  Today was a day for me to unwind from the work week, and walking downtown did just that.  I must say though, it was a lot more quiet downtown, now that they have moved the busses off congress, there were not that many people when I was out this morning, but I am sure they probably were just getting started for the day.


across the tracks photo one

Who dat there

across the bridge photo 1

Fountian of fun

stand up paddle

So here’s the ending of another week.  May the new week be full of blessings and good cheer.

Today I am…  Doing my own thing.


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