Beyond 365

Day 200:

Today I am…  Feeling like…  And believe me it isn’t good.  I am beyond tired, exhausted, wiped out, and drained.  Today was such a slow day at work, I could hardly keep up, or keep awake.  So now I get the day off tomorrow, in the mean time, I just slipped on my pj’s and I will say, that I will not be getting out of them until Monday morning, when I get cleaned up for the new working week.

I thought about going out, going down town and just doing nothing in particular, but this exhaustion has got the better of me, and that means that I will be staying in for the day, doing absolutely nothing, possibly some Netflix, but no going out of any kind.  The weather has been grey and depressive, it has been way to humid and the temp is rising to a melting point with me.  So think that what will serve me well, is to do nothing, and get some rest and recharge.  So here’s to recharging my friends.  Enjoy your weekend.

Today I am…  Feeling like…


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