Beyond 365

Day 201:

Today I am…  Making it count.  My day off that is, today I have not done a whole lot, still in my pajamas, haven’t been out of the apartment today, did do a little cleaning; not a lot, but a little.  Just finished season 2 of the Killing, now about to watch season 3…  Netflix rocks, well I can really say that cause well I can.  Just relaxing and resting up.  Trying to keep myself as well as I can.  I know today I feel a lot better than last, and that is saying something.  I have to work the next five days, so today is totally resting up.  I need to really take it easy, and not get so stressed out about things.  I feel that taking this day off from really doing anything strenuous was the right thing to do, I mean rest is best.

So my reader’s here’s to enjoying the last of the weekend, moving forward always.

Today I am…  Making it count.


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