Month: July 2014

Beyond 365

Day 233:

Today I am…  OK!  Today I almost had a new client, but missed it by a couple of points, but that is OK, because I can get do overs until I can get it.  This client is one of their top if in fact their top clients, just one of the harder ones, just because of its size and so many different aspects of it.  I am not a fan of it, but once I get it, I will treat it just like my other clients.  I am sure that if not tomorrow, the following week I will get more cracks at it, lol.  They are starting to get everyone trained on it one way or the other.  It is what it is…

The weather has been cloudy the past couple of days, looks like it is threatening to rain, but shall see.  It sure is hot though.  I will take this over the dreadful cold any day.  Bah, tomorrow, workers will be putting new wood around the doors, of our apartments, that means that I will not be able to have my air on, and they will have doors open until they are done.  But if it is going to make the apartments look nice, then I say hey what’s a few hours without air.

So I just picked up the Austin Chronicle today, in it is a piece about another hotel going up downtown, it will be where the Wholly Cow burger shop is, and there is another business there as well.  I have to say, that there are way to many hotels, going up, it is changing the way the beautiful Austin Skyline looks, before you know it, this place called downtown, is going to be so crowded, that you won’t be able to see anything except big skyscraper towers and buildings, and that is sad.  I love the skyline, but it is changing every day.  You will only be left with the memories, and photos before all the buildings.

Well my friends, and loyal reader’s I am about done for the day, about to hit me up some Netflix, before bedtime, hope you enjoy the start of your weekend.

Today I am…  OK!

Beyond 365

Day 232:

Today I am…  Famished!  Yes!, today after my four-hour work day, had to go take care of some business, which found me downtown.  After my business was done, I was feeling quite hungry, so I walked, and walked, and walked some down town till I stopped at Murphy’s Deli.  I have passed this deli every time I have gone down town, today was the day to stop on in and see what was up.  I ordered a chicken pita, and I had a bottle of orange juice.  The pita was quite filling, and delicious.  It definitely hit the spot, so I got some fuel in me before I walked some more to the bus stop, it was a pretty hot day today, so I was glad to get on the bus out of the heat.  I was going to stop into the Starbucks, and get a frappachino, but looking at that line, I opted out, so glad that I did.  I got a delicious pita from a very nice deli, and I satisfied my hunger, win win if I say so.

Now, on to some house work, before I relax for the rest of the evening.  Here’s to having the rest of the day.  Enjoy!

Today I am…  Famished!

Beyond 365

Day 231:

Today I am…  Greatful!  The fact that I have steady employment, one that affords me time off when I need it.  Plus I can pick up shifts, to which I have picked up for tomorrow and Saturday, they are just four-hour shifts, because I didn’t want or need anything longer this week on my days off.  Work has been pretty good for me, with new clients, extra shifts, and small bonuses, I would say my life is pretty good at the moment.  I have a roof over my head, and food in my tummy, and clothes on my back, yes, indeed, it’s all good.  Oh yeah, and Netflix to watch.

I am back in my bible, I have been reading the book of Matthew.  So much, so much that you see, and everything is new, meanings, and understandings, the living Word.  Well off to watch some Netflix, and relax before it is time to hit the sheets.  Enjoy your evening my reader’s and friends.

Today I am…  Greatful!

Beyond 365

Day 230:

Today I am…  Rested.  That is right, I am very rested, I just blew through my 8 hour work day today, and I still have some energy to spare.  So here I sit blogging this out.  Today has been a good day, the weather is hot, but not muggy today, so that leaves me smiling.  Life is good, that leaves me with no complaints, work is work, no complaining there.  Still carrying around this cough, but the rest is good.  I got some essential oils, and have been using them, right now it is only Peppermint and Eucalyptus, but together, they get me to breathing and open up the passageways.  I put drops of both in my hot bath water and soak it in.  They are really great.

Well the day moves on, so I am going to get off here, and get my relaxation in before bedtime, here’s to the rest of the day.

Today I am…  Rested.

Beyond 365

Day 229:

Today I am…  Basking in His Word!  The glory of His Word, I feel it throughout my body, throughout my soul, today I am basking in it, taking it into me.  His Word covers me, gives me comfort and protection, today I hear Him.  Oh my Hevanly Father, I thank You for all that You are, and will always be to me, and for me.

Today’s Shoreline service was about Toxic Thoughts, how we are to take captive every thought unpleasing to Him, and cast it out.  What you think, therefore you are, Oh I have been battling thoughts so much so, but taking them captive, and casting them out, I fail at times, but I keep moving forward in the casting out.  I have such a Good Father, such a forgiving Father, one that will never leave me.  He is always there, at my side.  I thank Him.

In the midst of all this, today I saw off my mom and dad, they left going back home, the weekend has come and today is the last of it, for there is work in the am for me.  I am so very blessed with employment, and opportunities, I can not, and will not complain.  My life may not be how I have envisioned it, but He leads my footsteps, and is guiding me, I am where I should be at this moment in my life, and I am all to thankful.  He will bring who belongs in my life, He will lead me, God is so very Good.

Time to do a bit of cleaning, then relaxation, so hope everyone had a great weekend, I surely did.  Here’s to the start of a great working week.  Keep it safe and fun.

Today I am…  Basking in His Word!

Beyond 365

Day 228:

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!  The power of Hercules that is, well a figure of speak.  Today me, my mom, and dad, went to watch Hercules at the movies, we were suppose to go yesterday, but ended up back in San Angelo, well we got back into town before noon, went to eat at the Luby’s, went back to the apartment.  Then headed out to watch Hercules.  Which in my opinion was awesome, the rock, rocked!

I have had so much fun these past few days with my mom, always a good time.  Her and my dad will be leaving out in the morning back to Angelo.  Always sad to see them go, but always a good time when they come down.  So the night has been well, and getting the last few hours before bedtime in with my mom, loving our grown-up talks.  Here’s to enjoying the weekend friends.

Today I am…  Feeling Powerful!

Beyond 365

Day 227:

Today I am…  Back in San Angelo.  Only for the night though, my mom had to take care of some business, so I decided to come back with her, we will be leaving here back to Austin in the morning, my dad will be coming back with us as well, and then they will leave out Sunday before noon.  It has been nice spending time with mom again.  I know she was here just a couple of weeks ago, but it’s all good in my book.  Today we were going to go see Hercules at the movie, but instead made a trip back to San Angelo.  Hercules will still be in the movies.

In spending time with my mom and also with my friend that came down, there are things that have been on my mind.  Some things that my friend had told me, which is so true, about moving forward in my life, everything she has said is so true, and I will try to keep it all in mind and keep on moving forward.  Also my mom, has said so many things about things, and moving forward, and I know she is so right, so, so right.  So here goes to moving forward, it has been so hard, but it has been my own fault, I have just been holding on to something that has been gone for  long while.  Guess it just takes, more for me to finally get it.  I think I have finally gotten it, and it has been hard, but I have just made it hard on myself, no one but me.  There are no more tears here, I believe those dried up three months or so ago, anyway, for my friend I have taken your advice, now I am still not going to open up that dating site, but I will take your advice though and loosen up and start living.  Thank you for all that you have been to me woman.

Well my friends, and reader’s time to relax and watch some of this television.  Enjoy your weekend y’all.

Today I am…  Back in San Angelo.

Beyond 365

Day 226:

Today I am…  On Day One of Four.  Today my adventure with my mom was to Round Rock, we finally found the Luby’s and went to have lunch, it was awesome, Luby’s does have some good eatin’.  After that, we went to Wally world, then to Ross, then to target just to get some essentials, then back to the apartment.  It was a fun-filled day, tomorrow, should be more of an adventure.  We are thinking of going to the movies, that new Hercules with the rock will be showing, so that looks like something good to go check out.  Stay tuned.

well my reader’s looks like my day one is moving along nicely, so off to a relaxing night with mom.  Have fun and enjoy.

Today I am… On Day One of Four.


Beyond 365

Day 225:

Today I am…  Off!  That is right my friends, I am off the next 3 days plus my always day off, so that makes 4 days off.  What shall I do???   Well my mom just came in today, so here we are eating pizza and about to dive into some movies, in fact she will be here until Sunday, so we have all this time to go around and do some things.  I do believe that the Capitol is on the agenda this time, I am sure my mom is gonna want to feed those crazy squirrels.

So today got trained on yet another client at work, that makes 8.  They are putting me on more data entry clients, oh the numbers, the numbers.  But it’s all good, it’s all good.  But then again, that is work for ya, enough about that, I am off work, and shall not discuss anymore until it is time to go back.  This weekend is made for fun, fun, fun, and fun I shall have, so stay tuned reader’s.

Today I am…  Off!

Beyond 365

Day 224:

Today I am…  Enjoying the memory.  So last my friend came to town, we hung out and enjoyed one another’s company.  We went down town, to sixth street, it was a pretty hot and humid night, I am sure we lost at least 20 pounds, ok, I could be exaggerating I am sure it was like 3 pounds lol.  Anyway, I will say that it was nice getting out and downtown at night, see I never go downtown at night, not by myself anyway, and she was game, so it all worked out.  We had delicious frozen bananas from Bananarchy,  we dinned on slices of pizza from a pizza place down on sixth, it was delicious, we enjoyed some music, and watched people, yes, I will say that it was a good time had.

Now we didn’t get back to my apartment till around 1 am, we both had to be up early, so I got a couple of hours of shut-eye, before I had to head to work.  Lol, crazy fun indeed.  I hope to see my friend again when she comes back to Austin, whenever that may be.    Not my friends, it is time for a much-needed nap.  Enjoy your day.

Today I am…  Enjoying the memory.