Beyond 365

Day 203:

Today I am…  In Prayers.  For my family, yesterday, my oldest sister got diagnosed with diabetes, so that makes my step-dad, my mom, and my sister.  This disease seems to be inching its way through my family, I definitely do not want to go down that line.  So I really need to up my game.  Illnesses are no joke, they can take you away from this world, and it is hard to keep it together, but it can be done.  My mom and dad are doing alright with theirs, my mom eats pretty good, and exercises more than the rest of the family, keeps tabs on her blood sugars and all the other things that need to be done, in turn she makes sure her husband is good as well.

Now my sister is going to have to up her health game, if she does not want this disease to get the better of her.  So with that, I have to get better health wise also, have to get this asthma and breathing condition under control, because that can be as deadly as well.  One of my half sisters died from an acute asthma attack when I was younger, that just means I need to be doing all that I can to get a hold of this.  My plan is to live a long fruitful life, so I need to make sure I am in good health.

Today I am…  In Prayers.


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