Beyond 365

Day 207:

Today I am…  Letting it out!  Today I let it out, sometimes you just have to do and keep on doing until there is nothing left, today was another start.  It is good when you have an ear to bend.  I am sure before it is all said and done with, more ears will be bent, more tears will be wiped away, and more growth will be had.  Stay tuned.

On a lighter note, today I was assaulted, that is right assaulted by two blue jays.  I was on my way to the mail box, and I saw this little fat baby bird, looks like it had fallen from a tree or something.  It was in the walk way, so I was going to do what I thought was a good deed, and move it over to the area out-of-the-way of traffic.  Big, big, and I do mean big mistake.  First of all, I didn’t know it was a blue jay baby.  Soon found out though.  The moment I reached down to pick it up and move it over to the side, the baby let out a squawk and jumped, and before I had known what was going on, two blue jays were reigning down fury upon my head.  They were screeching and sqwaking like banshee, and dive bombing my head, yup, you should have seen me running for cover.  Moral of this story, a lesson earned, is a lesson learned.  Believe me I will not be trying to help little birdies again.

Today I am…  Letting it out!


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