Beyond 365

Day 210:

Today I am…  Going to the clinic.  Things have not gotten better, in fact I think they have progressed, I really pray I don’t have pneumonia.  The diagnosis will tell.  The one thing that is scary for me, is being down here alone with no immediate family near by.  But the good thing about my family is that my mom is always willing to come here.  And right now at this moment I really do need her, so today she will be on here way down here.  Yes, it is an earlier visit than she had hoped for, she was coming next week.  I am so thankful, that I have that support.  My first year here, has been filled with tears of sadness, and tears of joy, of new possibilities, and trying to let go of the past.  Ups, and definitely downs, so many emotions have crossed this year for me, for all that I am grateful.

At least I have clean carpets once again.  Yeah, I know.  But what can ya say, I am just me.  The carpet does look so nice and clean.  Now I just need to purchase an area rug, to keep them that way.  Stay tuned for that.  So all keep me in prayers for improving health.

Today I am…  Going to the clinic.



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