Beyond 365

Day 211:

Today I am…  On the way to getting better!  Yes, my mom came down yesterday, and we went to the clinic, they gave me a breathing treatment, and ordered me up some pretty strong antibiotics, and some cough tablets.  I am so glad my mom came down.  This is one time I would have been completely lost and trying to figure things out.  Mom makes it all better, lesson learned now on the things I need to do.  I also now know the clinics that are walk-in and by appointment only.  Live and learn, live and learn.

I took yesterday off, and I got a doctor’s note stating do not have to be back to work till Friday, so today, just going to take my meds, get them in my body, and get plenty of rest today.  It truly sucks being sick, or ill, I think about all the people who have ongoing chronic illnesses, and how they don’t get much relief.  This just gets me to thinking, you really get to know a person’s character when you are sick, they can talk all sweet and say they have your back, especially if you are in a relationship with that person, but the true test is when you are sick, are they there, or do they skip out on you.  Ahh life.  I am blessed to have a mom that can come down, and actually take care or help me when I am sick, and I pray to find that in a mate.

Ugh!  This medicine is making me nauseous.  Plenty of water and juice for me today.  So gotta be going, rest, rest, and more rest is on the schedule for today.

Today I am…  On the way to getting better!


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