Beyond 365

Day 212:

Today I am…  Traveling!  I am taking a trip back to San Angelo this morning with mom, going to spend a couple of hours there, then head back to Austin.  I haven’t been back to Angelo since I moved here a year ago.  It will be nice to see some of my co-workers from Kirkland’s, plus I will get to meet my mom’s cat princess precious.  Which in due time will become my cat.  This also gives me a chance to check out the route my mom travels to get here and get back to Angelo.  I have my trusty point and shoot all charged up, ready to snap some photos along the way as well.

I must say that last night I felt better than the night before, and this morning I am feeling better than yesterday morning.  Have already taken my antibiotics, and will take my other meds along the way.  I am going to enjoy this day, for tomorrow I am back to work, and my mom will be leaving back to San Angelo on Sunday.  So here’s to getting better every day, and enjoying myself.

Today I am…  Traveling!


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