Beyond 365

Day 214:

Today I am…  Keeping my trust in the Lord!  To continue to give me strength, and blessings, favor, and mercy.  Things I need in my day, to keep me sane lol.  This has been a most painful week, health wise.  But I am healing up, and moving forward.  Today my mom leaves heading back to San Angelo.  I will miss her, but of course next month it will be another adventure for us.

The weekend is already upon us, just need to make it through the work afternoon/night and I will have tomorrow off.  Have been thinking about putting in an application in at a company that manufactures security badges, and other things.  Have never done a job like that machine operator, but hey I am willing to expand my circle of things and see if I can learn how to do it.  Stay tuned…

Well after a couple of days of nice weather, it has turned all cloudy again, still hot, but ugh the humidity, but what can ya do.  I will Pray to the Lord for acclimation to this weather.  Not a whole lot going on this Saturday, so on that note, here’s to a great weekend, may it be fun, and full.

Today I am…  Keeping my trust in the Lord!


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. I’m glad to know that your health is improving. Manufacturing/factory work is not the way to go. Especially with your health issues. If there are opportunities to grow in your current field or perhaps you can work reception work or mail room work and move your way up through an established company or a small medical or dental office that might be a better option. Just my two cents.

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