Beyond 365

Day 216:

Today I am…  On the mend.  Feeling good.  It was back to work for me today as well, I have morning hours, so I am liking it.  Have tomorrow off, but work Wed-Sat.  Gotta get all the hours I can, because rent has gone up here in Austin, and I will be paying a bit more for my humble little apartment.  That is alright, I have no plans on moving someplace else, I like where I am at, it is on a bus route, and I pretty much know where and how to get to the places I need to get to, so it’s alright.

So not much planned on my day off, think I will stick with staying around the apartment, it has really been too hot to do much anyhow, I think being inside, with the ac on and watching Netflix and drinking tea may be the thing to do.  Anyway, I want to get as much relaxation in from all the stuff that has gone on healthwise.  Get my body back in gear.  So on that note, think I will kick off the Netflix watching whilst I brew me up some chai tea.  Enjoy my reader’s.

Today I am…  On the mend.


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