Beyond 365

Day 219:

Today I am…  Picking it up!  Today I got trained on my seventh client at work, a fairly easy client it is, more data entry type of client, so dealing with inputting lots of numbers.  Yes, that is a smile on my face, just in case you didn’t see it.  I really am officially a tier 2 now, so that means a bit more change on the pay scale, not a lot more, but a bit is better than none.  This week has turned out to be pretty good, good indeed.

Got a little bit of rain or sprinkles today, looks like more is coming, but shall see, it has cleared up the humidity a little bit, and that is good for breathing purposes, in fact I have been feeling awesome the last couple of days, I think all that I have had is pretty much in the rear view.

So I actually finished all of Luther last night.  Season two and three were pretty short, but pretty powerful, so hopefully there will be more on Netflix.  For tonight I break out the dvd’s I think I will watch I Robot, always ass spankable, as shia le boeuf would say.  Anyway, I love this movie, so on that note, here’s to moving on up and getting new clients, and a few more cents in pay, and to awesome movies starring Will Smith.

Today I am…  Picking it up!


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