Beyond 365

Day 222:

Today I am…  Keeping it slow.  Not a whole lot going on today, this my day off, so I have just been vegging’ out watching Netflix, and dvd’s.  So glad though that my friend will be down here in Austin tomorrow and Tuesday, so were going to meet up and have dinner, that is if all works out, she works too much, and of course lives way to far away, so we do not get to see one another, but we do make sure to touch bases with one another.  So for that I am truly grateful.

Wow!  It just seemed like yesterday I was welcoming in July, and a little more than a week and a half left it will be ending that soon.  Yes, time surely is flying, and there is no stopping it from slowing down.  I have been feeling pretty good lately, I think the rains we have had, washed some of this stuff flying around away.  Starting to feel stronger as the days go on.

Work is good, got my assessment done yesterday, and scored pretty good, so that bumps me up a little bit more change in the pay department, of course it is just a little bit more, but any is better than none, I am still liking my job, to be continued.

Life is as good as it can be for me, so what more can I say on that.  Hope you had a great weekend my reader’s and friends, and here’s to having a great work week.

Today I am…  Keeping it slow.



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