Beyond 365

Day 230:

Today I am…  Rested.  That is right, I am very rested, I just blew through my 8 hour work day today, and I still have some energy to spare.  So here I sit blogging this out.  Today has been a good day, the weather is hot, but not muggy today, so that leaves me smiling.  Life is good, that leaves me with no complaints, work is work, no complaining there.  Still carrying around this cough, but the rest is good.  I got some essential oils, and have been using them, right now it is only Peppermint and Eucalyptus, but together, they get me to breathing and open up the passageways.  I put drops of both in my hot bath water and soak it in.  They are really great.

Well the day moves on, so I am going to get off here, and get my relaxation in before bedtime, here’s to the rest of the day.

Today I am…  Rested.


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