Beyond 365

Day 231:

Today I am…  Greatful!  The fact that I have steady employment, one that affords me time off when I need it.  Plus I can pick up shifts, to which I have picked up for tomorrow and Saturday, they are just four-hour shifts, because I didn’t want or need anything longer this week on my days off.  Work has been pretty good for me, with new clients, extra shifts, and small bonuses, I would say my life is pretty good at the moment.  I have a roof over my head, and food in my tummy, and clothes on my back, yes, indeed, it’s all good.  Oh yeah, and Netflix to watch.

I am back in my bible, I have been reading the book of Matthew.  So much, so much that you see, and everything is new, meanings, and understandings, the living Word.  Well off to watch some Netflix, and relax before it is time to hit the sheets.  Enjoy your evening my reader’s and friends.

Today I am…  Greatful!


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