Month: August 2014

The Start of Something Good

So it started back up with the television series Torchwood, and proceeded on to what I have in my Netflix repertoire.  Now things have branched out, new and older programs.  I have now watched The Fall, Happy Valley, South cliffe, and I am now into the first season of six seasons of Prime Suspect.  I have dived into Luther, and I am all giddy with all that I have been seeing.  There are much, much more to go, I have always had an infinity for british comedies, and British shows, now I can really indulge it on Netflix.



Beyond 365

Day 264:

Today I am…  Sporting a new purse.  Yes, my mom bought me this lovely bag.


new purse

It is a bit bigger than the green one I had, this one has a few more compartments to hold things in, and I am really getting used to it.  Yes, purses.  I am finally integrating into being one of the pursed crew.  I am liking it.  It has taken some getting used to, but I so see why I need one, and before long, I will be upgrading.  Since there are so many options.  Stay tuned.

Well mom and dad have left going back to San Angelo, they got out early, to beat this Labor Day traffic that is well under way, cause nobody wants to get stuck in that mess.  They had a great time down here, got plenty of rest, did some shopping, it was all good.  Hopefully next visit, I can get some days off, and we can capitalize on it.

Well it is back to work for me in the am, I definitely will be laboring this holiday, but all good, that is holiday pay, means a good paycheck.  On that note, it is time to get some lunch, kick back and watch some new series on Netflix.  Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday.

Today I am…  Sporting a new purse.

Beyond 365

Day 263:

Today I am…  Making It!  It is officially the weekend, labor day will be up coming monday, but for today I just have to make the day, then I have tomorrow off.  Not doing anything special for the weekend, will try to get off of work early if possible, if not then I am there till 5pm.  Haven’t had time to really do anything with mom and dad, but that seems to be alright with them, they have been relaxing here at the pad.  They did go down to the shopping strip at the techridge, so they had something to do.  So glad to be spending this time what we have together.

So will be making a little more at work, sounds good to me.

Not a lot to whistle home about this Saturday, so better be getting my butt in gear and soon out the door, have a great, fun and always safe Labor Day Weekend.

Today I am…  Making It!

Beyond 365

Day 262:

Today I am…  Surprised!  Indeed, my mom and dad are down here, they got in yesterday a little before 4 pm, when I got out of work around 4:30, mom called, I couldn’t quite hear her due to the traffic on the bus, so I missed her saying that she was sitting on my couch, but when she repeated it again, I got all smiley faced.  Yes, I am always happy to see her and my dad.  This is basically their little escape place to come from their daily lives in San Angelo, and I am always glad to see them.  Of course I have to work the time they will be staying, but it’s all good, it is all good.  They will be leaving on Sunday, dad has a Dr’s appointment on Tuesday, then another one on Thursday.  They fitted him with a temporary contact lens.  So the eye is doing well.  I suppose the dr’s appointment will let him know when they will go in and fit him with his permanent lens.  Stay tuned.

So here I am up and at em’ this fine Friday morning, about to get my work day started, so here’s to having a great weekend my friends and reader’s make it a safe one, you know it is the start of the Labor Day Weekend.  Have fun what ever you do or do not do.

Today I am…  Surprised!

Beyond 365

Day 260:

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.  That is right my friends, just doing nothing of the sorts.  Today is my day off, and I am not doing anything special today with it, just going to lounge around my little apartment, type out this blog, watch some Netflix, which I have been getting into some Netflix original series, and they have been really good.  I just finished one called Happy Valley, if you happen to have Netflix, I am really suggesting you check it out, it is a bbc broadcast, very good though.  Right now as I type this out, I have Pandora streaming away.  I feel like a little music for the day.

Got assessed yesterday at work, then mentored for one of the clients I am on, the assessment was ok, not great, but just ok, I really do need a bit more help on this one, so I am hoping to get more mentoring on this client, as for the mentoring I did get on the other client, that went good, they say I am doing alright on it, so that makes me smile.  Yup, in six months I will have been there for a year, I am hangin’ in there.  Who knows where my next step will be…  Stay tuned.

The weather has been in and out the past few days, all the while I was taking my umbrella with me everywhere, there was no rain, the moment I leave it at home for the day, it rains, man isn’t that ironic.  Life has a way of laughing at you, great laugh life, but I am still chugging along.  It’s all good.  I will be taking my umbrella with me from here on out, the smaller one in my purse.

Well it is about lunch time, so off I go to have something to eat, here’s to having a great day.

Today I am…  Doing Nothing.

Beyond 365

Day 259:

Today I am…  Working Hard.  For my money that is, yes, here I am hard at work, well OK, not hardly working right now, but will be in a few min.  Just had to type out this blog for today, because I will probably be a whole lot tired when I get home tonight.  Yes my friends, today I am working 9 to 5, oh what a way to make a living…  Yes, I know you have seen what I done there.  But as it goes, today is my Monday, so what will be, will be.  It is a very short post indeed, so I better get to work.  Hope that your day is working for you.  Until the next time.

Today I am…  Working Hard.

Beyond 365

Day 258:

Today I am…  Having Fun.  Yes!  Fun with a capital F.  Today me and my friend from work , had a day out together, it is rare we both have a day off together, but we did this time, and I treated her to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and lunch we had.  Funny though, we both got the same thing, but it was all good.  We ordered the factory burritos grande, it was grande indeed, and so very yummy.  For dessert it was cheesecake of course, mine was the deluxe Oreo cheesecake, and she had the Godiva cheesecake, oh man, need I really say more but Heaven!

After that, we went over to the shops and browsed for a bit, then to a few other places, before she brought me back home, it was a great day had by both parties, she is my new adventure buddy when we can both get days off together, ah life is good, good, good, and delicious, sorry no photos from my camera, but a couple on my instagram on the side.  Enjoy.

Ah, so my great weekend has come to an end, and tomorrow is back to work, so about to go enjoy the last few hours of it.  Here’s to the start of a great week.

Today I am…  Having Fun.

Beyond 365

Day 257:

Today I am…  Content!  Content in my life, at the moment, I really do not have anything to complain about, sure there are still some things that I am working on, and through, but it does not compare to people who really do have troubles and problems.  Life is good for me.  Well the family is off back to San Angelo, they had a great time here, and I had a great time with them.    Did decide not to do Batfest, think it was a good idea, for we did happen to go downtown, me, my sister, and nephew, I showed them down sixth street, then we went over to the barton creek mall, by the time we had finished and caught the bus, it was around 6pm, we didn’t pull back into the park in ride until 9 pm, but my mom picked us up from there.  I do love the downtown area at dusk to-night, it is full of sparkle and all aglow.

When we got back, mom had cooked smothered pork chops, veggies, and whipped potatoes and a salad, we ate, and sat around watching the movie Divergent, which was pretty good.  Then it was off to bed.  Yes, the day was fun and filling.

This morning was pretty good as well, we went to breakfast at the IHOP, then came back and watched a couple of movies on Netflix, then they got ready and headed back.  I will see my mom and dad next month, dad has to go back to the doctor to see how his eye is progressing, then they will put the lens in.  Sister starts her new job, and nephew is back to work, so all seems to be good.  I have tomorrow off, but I will be having lunch with a friend and co-worker, whose birthday was last week, so I am treating her to a late birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, oh my!  How I love cheesecake.  So here’s to the end of a fabulous weekend, and to the start of another great week.

Today I am…  Content!