Beyond 365

Day 241:

Today I am…  Seeing a difference.  I am able to walk more, without falling over, when I was not at my best, I couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps, but I am seeing a world of difference, not fully at my fullness, but I can see that I am getting back on the right track of things.  I mean sure walking home from the bus stop is a couple of miles and I did feel like I was fading out, but I held steady and got through it.  A couple of miles, ok, I may be exaggerating it a little, probably just a half mile, up the street, but I am getting better and better at it, and now that I work mornings, and get off in the afternoon, I am able to walk it, instead of stopping at the park and ride, to catch the bus heading up my way, so it is a win, win for me.  In the end all will be worth it.

I am craving chicken tonight, so I am about to fix me some chicken salad, this will be my first time fixing it for myself, so I am hoping it turns out well, and delicious.  In the mean time, I have decided that this weekend is going to be recovery for me, that means, I am just going to stay in, and have a movie fest for one.  Fun times, fun times.  So here’s to the start of my weekend, and hope that yours is a great one as well.

Today I am…  Seeing a difference.


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