Beyond 365

Day 244:

Today I am…  Onto a new series.  On Netflix that is, I have been seeing this every time I click on television shows, so now I have decided to stop and finally watch it.  There are apparently 3 seasons of it on Netflix, I am just in to episode 3 of the first season.  It is Continuum.  I am finding it really good, yes sometimes, it takes a while for me to get to things, but when I do, I always kick myself and say, where have I been, why didn’t I watch this while it was on television, but that is neither here or there, it is a beginning for me and I am liking it a lot.  So as I put on some chicken to bake for dinner, I am about to switch on Netflix and get on it.  So Happy Monday Y’all, and hope that you are enjoying what is left of it.

Today I am…  Onto a new series.


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