Beyond 365

Day 249:

Today I am…  Relaxed!  My day off, and I have already done apartment chores, and now just going to relax for the rest of the day.  I did think about heading out to the Harry Ransom Center, but that can wait for another day or weekend off.  Today it is just going to be me and sweet, sweet, netflix.  I pulled up a recipe for bbq baked chicken wings, and I will be trying that out tomorrow, as well as one for mac and cheese, not out of the box, but using velveeta cheese.  I do like experimenting with throwing food together to see how it all comes out.  I get an idea in my head, and I try to execute it as best as I can, to see and taste the results.  I bought some corkscrew pasta instead of the elbow noodles, this should be some kind of turn out.  To be continued.

Not for sure if my sister and nephew will be down here next weekend, still haven’t gotten a strait one, we shall see.  My mom was going to come with my dad, but with all the stuff going on with his eye, she will not be coming down, so if they do happen, they will just have to do it on their own.  If they do happen to come down, I can at least show my nephew some new places down town, His birthday is on the 20th, and he will be 22 years old, so it would be good to see him.  To be continued.

Welp, I am on season 3 of Continuum, and I shall watch it all today, so with that being said, I better be off, and here’s to a great weekend my friends and reader’s.  May it be a great one for you.

Today I am…  Relaxed!


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