Beyond 365

Day 250:

Today I am…  Observing.  As I walked down to the convenience store. the sky was gray, cloudy, and humid out.  Looks like something may be blowing in, but there was a nice breeze as well.  It was the kind of morning that you sit out on your balcony and drink a perfect cup of coffee and read the sunday papers kind of day.  Neither of which I have, oh ho-hum…  What I do have is tea, and I have brewed me up a nice cup full, and right now sipping on it as I write this post, so you don’t always have to have coffee to enjoy what it.

I did happen to pick up the latest  edition of the Austin Chronicle, I see that next Saturday they are having the 10th annual Bat Fest.  Now if my sister and nephew are not going to come down, this is possibly where I will be.  I have never been to one, and well, I think it is time to immerse myself into one of Austins celebration for bats.  This is so to be continued.

So tomorrow my dad has to go back to the doctors to check on his eye, then he will have his surgery on Wednesday, keep those prayers moving.  Thank you for the prayer Dee, it lifted spirits, and my mom says thanks also.  I know all will be good, God has His hand over the situation.  Prayer changes everything.

Life is so good, it may not be where I want it to be at, but it is working out for good, it is all good, all good.  I thank Him for all that I have.   So today is chicken and mac time, now I may or may not post pics if not here, then on my instagram, which you can view through my WordPress, it is down below or over to the right hand side near the bottom.   Well back to work tomorrow morning, oh how I love mornings…    Here’s to having a great end of the weekend.

Today I am…  Observing.




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