Beyond 365

Day 251:

Today I am…  UP!  Yes, way before the crack of dawn, I am up.  This is my usual routine every work morning, lest I overslept and have to literally beat the clock getting out the door.  But that is far between.  Anyway, I am up, and about to get ready for work, got to get a little go-go juice into me, for the fuel I need to power me through the morning work hours.  I must say, it has been a wonderful weekend, of course always looking forward to the next one, but I know I got to stay focused on today, because that is all I have.  So here’s to the start of a beautifully blessed Monday morning my readers and friends.  Go out and have some fun with it.

Today I am…  UP!


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. A great weekend usually means a great week ahead. I am up too! Have a great week! I have a busy 6 day week ahead, but we are going to do this!

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