Beyond 365

Day 263:

Today I am…  Making It!  It is officially the weekend, labor day will be up coming monday, but for today I just have to make the day, then I have tomorrow off.  Not doing anything special for the weekend, will try to get off of work early if possible, if not then I am there till 5pm.  Haven’t had time to really do anything with mom and dad, but that seems to be alright with them, they have been relaxing here at the pad.  They did go down to the shopping strip at the techridge, so they had something to do.  So glad to be spending this time what we have together.

So will be making a little more at work, sounds good to me.

Not a lot to whistle home about this Saturday, so better be getting my butt in gear and soon out the door, have a great, fun and always safe Labor Day Weekend.

Today I am…  Making It!


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. You are really settling into your life in Austin. I think it was a good move for you. Continued success! Upward and onward! Reach for the stars!

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