Beyond 365

Day 264:

Today I am…  Sporting a new purse.  Yes, my mom bought me this lovely bag.


new purse

It is a bit bigger than the green one I had, this one has a few more compartments to hold things in, and I am really getting used to it.  Yes, purses.  I am finally integrating into being one of the pursed crew.  I am liking it.  It has taken some getting used to, but I so see why I need one, and before long, I will be upgrading.  Since there are so many options.  Stay tuned.

Well mom and dad have left going back to San Angelo, they got out early, to beat this Labor Day traffic that is well under way, cause nobody wants to get stuck in that mess.  They had a great time down here, got plenty of rest, did some shopping, it was all good.  Hopefully next visit, I can get some days off, and we can capitalize on it.

Well it is back to work for me in the am, I definitely will be laboring this holiday, but all good, that is holiday pay, means a good paycheck.  On that note, it is time to get some lunch, kick back and watch some new series on Netflix.  Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday.

Today I am…  Sporting a new purse.


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