Month: September 2014

Beyond 365

Day 294:

Today I am…  Beyond!  What I see with my physical eyes.  Today I saw God at work.  I saw the goodness and His Grace and Favor.  I have been down emotionally for a bit, but today God opened up my eyes to see His greatness.  My dad is back to work, his eyes are healing well, things are truly turning around on a dime.  This is only through the hand of God!  I give Him the Glory. 

Got another client today.  One more and I will be a third tier analyst, making a bit more!  Yes God is so good.  Yes indeed!

Today I am…  Beyond!

Beyond 365

Day 292:

Today I am…  Pushing Forward.  It has been an OK kind of day.  I did go to the pecan fest.  It was nice, I enjoyed and saw some new things.  Check the photos on my instagram on the side near the bottom. 

It would have been a lot more fun with another, it is always more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with.  Any way…  I am back at the apartment, work in the am, hope your weekend has been great.

Today I am…  Pushing Forward.

Beyond 365

Day 291:

Today I am…  In Work Mode!  Yes, today is my Friday, so I am going to work it hard.  Got an assessment on one of my clients yesterday, amazed I am doing well, suppose if I had more faith in my ability, I would not be so surprised at how well I am doing.  So that will be another thing to work on.

Tomorrow pecan street fest for me.  Got good news on my dad.  He is cleared to go back to work on Monday.  To say we are all happy about that, he more than anyone.  God is so good!

Short post today, wish all a great, and very safe weekend.

Today I am…  In Work Mode!

Beyond 365

Day 289:

Today I am…  Grooving.  Yes, I am enjoying this bright fall weather we are having here in Austin, I must say though, I need to keep on enjoying it, because I just do not know when it will leave and turn, so enjoy it I am.  Today is another off work day for me, so here I am back at my old stomping ground the wells branch library, typing this out.  I really didn’t feel like using my phone for this today.

Update on my dad, they will put a lens in the eye, so that he can get the eye test done, so that he can get back to work, it has been a hard process, still more to come, but keeping the faith is getting us all through this time.  In all, things will work out.  So I put in some aps, let’s see where this takes me.  Sunday is the Pecan Street Festival, I have the day off, so think I am going to mosey on down, take some photos once again, and just enjoy what is.  Can not be worried about the other things…  God has this.

Last night I made tacos for dinner, they were delicious, still have some left over, so that will be my dinner for tonight.  I am back to work in the morning, oh lovely 9 to 5, not complaining any.  Life is well, life and interesting, oh being an adult comes with its perks and not so perks, but it is what it is, and that’s about all I can say about it.  Last night I watched both Oceans 11 and 12, had never seen them before, but had the dvd’s, hmm…  They were really good, there are so many things that I got on dvd that I haven’t watched yet, well looks like this is pretty much my time to sit down and watch them.

Oh!  The weather is so perfect out today, think that I might swing down to the park and sit for a bit, so here’s to great fall weather, life being life, and having blessings.

Today I am…  Grooving.

Beyond 365

Day 288:

Today I am…  Keeping It Real!  My Faith that is.  There are some tough, struggling, times going on with me and my mom and dad.  With the progress of His eye surgery, the delays and the monetary issues, life seems hard, harsh, and just exhausting at times.  But I am keeping my faith in the one who can do it.  He knows, sees, and works things out for the better.  I will not give that up…  yes! It looks troubling, but stay true!  He is right there. 

So right now, just waiting on the bus.  Life can be trying, I am a warrior and I will be great.  I am putting in applications for an evening job.  Make a bit more extra, with the holidays coming up.  Stay tuned.  Still enjoying the day job.  Got to do what you got to do in life…  no excuses.  What comes with being an adult. 

Today I am…  Keeping It Real.

Beyond 365

Day 287:

Today I am…  Falling.  For fall that is, yes, fall is officially here, the weather is changing and with that so does the time, soon it will start to be darker earlier, not really a fan of that, of course there are other things as well, but that is for another day, for today I am just going to enjoy fall as much as I can, rain and all lol.  Here’s to fall y’all.

Today I am…  Falling.

Best of Free Museum Day 2014

Photos from Bob bullock, and Harry Ransom


Windows 1

Gone with the wind

Gas pumps 1

Neil A


The Cast

Oh what a time I had, I got sweaty, because it was hot, but it was oh so enjoyable, and I hope to do it again next year, but perhaps with a plus 1.

Well the adventure is not quite over yet, this coming Sunday I will head downtown once again for the Fall edition of the Pecan Street Festival, even more fun.  Stay tuned.

Beyond 365

Day 286:

Today I am…  Not completely Up!  Yes, I didn’t get to bed till around 11 last night, so that is about 4 hours of sleep, some times, my body just will not let me sleep, so as the case last night, but here I am, have to be at work by 7 am this morning, oh perfect joy.  Happy Monday y’all!  Anyhoo, yesterday may have started out rocky, but it ended on a pretty good note, I knocked out two museums, that I had never been to, got some good photos, and enjoyed the day.

These photos here are from the Harry Ransom center.  They have an exhibit of making of Gone With The Wind, being I have never seen this movie, all they had going on was pretty dang amazing.  Looks like I may have to get to watching this Classic.  But for now here are just some of Scarlett O’ Hara’s Dresses.


Scarlett O' Hara's Burgandy gown front

Scarlett O' Hara's Blue velvet wrapper

Scarlett O' Hara's curtian dress

Scarlett O' Hara's dress 1

Scarlett O' Hara's wedding dress

Oh I am sure she had plenty more to offer here, but these are the dresses they had on display.  It was a pretty cool showing.  I might have to just go back.  Oh well, for now I better get this cup of coffee into me and get ready to start my day.

Today I am…  Not completely Up!