Beyond 365

Day 267:

Today I am…  Rolling Along.  Yes, back to work for me.  Had my day off, now back to business at hand, and business seems to be good for me, for I scored my 10th client a couple of days ago.  Three more and I will officially be a tier three analyst, which really means you just have a lot of clients.  I can seriously do with not so many, but they keep on giving them out, and I keep on getting, oh well, what can ya do.  I am trying to make that year mark, I am still enjoying it, even though the drama there is getting thick, I try to keep to my little circle and that is it.  You know you have it in every job place, the people that just stir the pot.

Well my friends, and reader’s it is time to hit the working trail.  Enjoy your mid week.

Today I am…  Rolling Along.


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