Beyond 365

Day 270:

Today I am…  At Half Speed!    Yes, it is Saturday, and today is my last day of working for this week, for tomorrow I will have a day off.  But really not going to get any rest, which isn’t so bad, my mom and dad will be down today, another rest stop for them, my dad will be heading back to work soon.  His eye is healing up really well.  I will not be asking for any time off this or next week, there is a launch for one of our biggest clients, coming out with new product, so all hands will be on deck.

I am so happy that finally we can be enrolled in the company’s health benefits.  They just rolled them out this week, so I am signed up for medical benefits.  life is good, no major complaints.  Here’s to the weekend friends and readers.  Enjoy!

Today I am…  At Half Speed!


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