Day: September 11, 2014

Beyond 365

Day 275:

Today I am…  Keeping it together.  Not that I am falling apart, not at the moment anyway, but all in all keeping it together.  Another day off from work, would have loved to pick up some extra, but none to be found today, it is all tomorrow and saturday and sunday.  Oh well, this just gives me time to do a little bit more cleaning, got the dishes all washed up, got a load of laundry going on, have already spent time with the Word, yeah, all before six am.  That is how I roll!

Speaking of how I roll, I was reading in the wall street journal the other day, about couples who are on different sleep patterns, you know early birds and night owls, how when one is an early riser and the other is a late sleeper, how there are more conflicts in the relationship.  This I know well.  I hope that my next relationship is one that is more compatible with that cycle, hopefully we will both be early birds.  I love being up in the morning, to catch the sun rising, the cool air before it gets too hot.  Plus, if we are on the same kind of schedule, it will be better to do more things together if we so choose.  I always seem to choose the night owl in the relationship, that is just one of the patterns I need to seriously break free from.  Let’s just hope I get it right the next time around.

Looks like this day will be filled with Netflix, do not feel like going out today, so going to just stay put, and enjoy the day.  Hope your day will be filled with fun, joy and amazing things.

Today I am…  Keeping it together.