Beyond 365

Day 280:

Today I am…  Disgusted!  That is right, down right disgusted, I have to say this, and it so saddens me at times, but ladies and I have to use that kindly, some ladies, women, girls, females, are down right Nasty!  And it is a shame, I work with both females and males, and I have to say where I work, some of the females that work there are nasty sorts, in the bathroom.  I have been to both the male bathrooms when the lady’s room is full, and I have to say that the guys are much cleaner.  Not saying all females are this way, but some are, and it reeks.  What does it take but a second to flush a toilet, if you pardon my languages if you shit, then flush, if you piss, then flush, don’t leave your soiled tp just lying on the ground or in the toilet, for Janice sake.  You don’t have to act like an animal.

If you do this at the work place, it only goes to show that you do this in your own place, your own life is pretty damn nasty.  I don’t like walking into the bathroom and have to flush what you should have done when you left the seat.  So yeah, I am pretty damn disgusted.

Today I am…  Disgusted!


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