Beyond 365

Day 283:

Today I am…  Not Winning!  The battle of the humidity that is, no matter what I do, to keep my hair from looking like a wet, drowned out mess before the day even starts, from this wicked humidity, so I have to use clips and pins just to keep a decent look.  Yes, I may not be winning now, but I will soon figure it all out, the battle is not over, I will be victorious, but for today with the rain and humidity beating down on me, I will just call it a draw.

Well another weekend starts, here’s to great weekends if you can get them, I think truly that I am going to pass on this weekend’s free museum day.  I am already exhausted, and I have today and tomorrow of work to go.  If I should change my mind and venture out into the world of museums, I will post something on here.  So enjoy yourselves.

Today I am…  Not Winning!


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