Beyond 365

Day 302:

Today I am…  Getting family time.  Sis and dad visiting me in Austin.  They looked really good.  So glad to see them.  Me and sister did the bonding thing over a walk, then a couple of drinks at the sports bar.  Well needed.  Have missed them.

We had dinner at Bill Miller’s BBQ and chicken place, I was planning on going, well we went…  yeah I will just say two thumbs down for me, sister did not like either.  I had the chopped pork BBQ sandwhich, it was flat and bland, only ate one.  The only thing on my plate were the fries.  Sister had potato salad, brisket, beans and peach cobbler.  Her potato salad was bland, her peach cobbler,she said was dry, and the peaches were hard.  The only thing she enjoyed was the brisket.  Forget the beans. No flavoring.

So in all I give it two thumb’s Down.  Nope will not go back, they have six more shops here in Austin. 

Today we are off to the mall, or down town, to the Capitol.  Better get dressed and get things started.

Today I am…  Getting family time


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