Beyond 365

Day 305:

Today I am…  Chillin’.  Yes, just saw mom and dad off, they are heading back to Angelo.  Now, I am waiting on the bus to get back to my apartment.  Decided to stop at Target, pick me up a couple more movies to watch.  Last night I watched War Horse.  Really great movie that was, had tears in my eyes, but really great.  The collection is growing good.  Tuesday is the release of X-men:  Days of future past, once I have that my collection of x-men will be complete, of course minus x-men origins: Wolverine.  I did not like that one,so it will not be part of my collection.

Mom made a huge pan of meatloaf, so I know what I will be eating on for at least the next three days.  Love those left-overs.  It is deep conditioning hair week.  So while I settle back to watch movies, that’s what I will also do. 

Work in the morning, life is good.

Today I am…  Chillin’ .


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