Month: November 2014

Beyond 365

Day 354:

Today I am…  Putting it Together!  The pieces that is.  The holidays the past couple of years have been hard,since the breakup.  But I am finally getting back to a semi happy place with it,each and every day, I am seeing the difference.  I see, and feel God’s good in all of this.  The tears are less and further between, the anxiety is leaving,and the cloud is lifting.  The thoughts are less, not over, but less.  And the holidays are getting me sparked once more.  Yes, time and my Faith in the Lord, fuels my soul to newness,and an awakening inside of me.  Tis the season Y’all!

Today I am…  Putting it Together!


Beyond 365

Day 351:

Today I am…  ThanksGiving!  Happy Thanks Giving y’all!  Hope this day has been full of blessings, family, friends,and of course food.  My thanks giving has been wonderful.  First, took a walk in the park. 



Then friend picked me up, we went to Luby’s for thanksgiving.  Yummo!


What I had.  We then hit up the movies, we went to see The Penguins of Madagascar in 3D, my first 3D movie.  It was wild, I really enjoyed.  We had a good time.  The movie was funny, we happen to be the only two watching it at that time, still fun though.  Now I am back home, all settled in, and about to pop in Superman.  The original one.  So here is to a wonderful thanksgiving evening. 

Today I am…  ThanksGiving!

Beyond 365

Day 350:

Today I am…  Feeling Well!  I am getting stronger, this little cold is being defeated.  With the last few days of this month, things are going good.  Tomorrow is Thanks Giving, I am always thankful for what the Lord puts into me.  Ah!, yes it is another good day indeed.

Cold out this morning, but suppose to hit a warm 70.  That makes me smile.  So time for me to get this day…err morning started.  Keep it gun and lively y’all!

Today I am…  Feeling Well!

Beyond 365

Day 349:

Today I am…  Being Careful! That’s right.  Careful in what I do.  Yesterday I had brain slippage.  I was so out of it.  This morning getting ready for work, I could not find my house keys.  Looking everywhere for them.  If I could not find them I knew I was going to miss my first bus.  I started to think, I opened the door and there they were.  Still in the lock.  I had left them there all night, you can surely say God was watching over me.  Missed my first bus, but that is OK.  Heading out to catch the second one.  God is so good!  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  Being Careful!