Is it worth it…

It dam well better be.  Today I was craving.  Craving for a nice much cheeseburger.  Not just any burger, a Burger king burger.  Of course the closet one to the job was across from the HEB.  So after work I got off and walked the way in the pouring rain, about an inch deep in water to get these burgers.  Sure, I had my umbrella,but was carrying a paper bag of thing I had got at the dollar general.  Bag got wet, and tore!  FML!  So here I am feet wet,soggy,and the smile of the day quickly leaving me.  Order my burgers, but had to take things out of torn bag and stuff inside of my jacket.  Now I have Burger bag, still pouring outside.  Burger bag getting wet and ripping!   Fuck these fucking paper bags!  Have to get bag from HEB, start to walk, but see my bus coming,  oh shit!  Not going to make it with me and jacket stuffed with merchandise, ripping Burger bag, with fries.  So I do the only sane thing I could do, and that is…  get inside heb, buy a plastic bag, and wait for the next bus.

So here I sit on the bus, that will take me to the next station to catch the next bus that will get me home.  My feet, socks,shoes soggy wet,bottom of pants soaked. Throat itching,coughing.  Oh my, these burgers better be worth all this!!!!  I will let you know tomorrow.  Damn, my foot itches!


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