No, I’m not happy when it rains!

Yet another day of clothes soaking, here I am again, soggy shoes, socks, and feet day.  No the smile is gone, and I just want to be dry and warm.  Sure, we might have needed this glorious rain, buy I do not like being out in it.

Whoa!  The days of unknowing youth, when playing in the rain, splashing around footloose, and fancy free.  But then you become an adult, and it dawns on you, that being wet and soggy to the bone is misery in itself!  Dancing in the rain…  Yeah right, on what planet is this a good concept, perhaps for some Nicholas Sparks movie, but in real life, it equals nothing but catching a gold and I try to avoid those as much as possible. 

Almost home, where I will shed these wet clothes,and make a hot soaking bath, with some Epsom salts, get into warm jammies, and put me on some peppermint tea.  Yes, my day is done!  Keep dry.


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