Beyond 365

Day 362:

Today I am…  Feeling Off.  I think that my high fever and flu has left me with some side effects, one of them is my sense of smell.  Seems everything smells quite fruity, or overly sweet, I have no clue, it is nauseating at most, also, I think I am still under the weather, not completely healed of this, but on my way.  Today I am back at work, I would much rather be back at home under the covers.  But Wednesday will be here before I know it and I will be off work.  At the end of the week I think I might go to the clinic and get checked out.  This has never happen to me before.  Plus, now is the time for Cedar Fever, and allergies running amuck.  Maybe ask about allergy shots.  I am drinking only water today, so hopefully this will help me out.

Can you believe that I am almost done with my 365, yeah, neither can I lol.  It has definitely been something else.  Indeed, indeed.  Better get to work now, enjoy your Monday.

Today I am…  Feeling Off.


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