Beyond 365

Day 363:

Today I am…  Down to Two.  More days that is.  This has been quite the experiment in writing for me, even with only two days left; I have learned a lot more about myself, as I have gone along.  So much more of myself to share as well.  Gives me good smiles.

Strange happenings at work.  The hiring freeze is over, tons more people have been hired, some fired, in all; they have a new pilot program they are working on.  Not really sure what it all entails.  Stay tuned.

My sense of smell, I think is trying to work itself out.  So will give it time.  Today is not so bad.  Life!  The things that happen to your body, as you get older.  Anyhow…  hope you have a grand Tuesday.

Today I am…   Down to Two.


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