Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.


Indeed!  As I welcome back my fixed computer.  I am so glad it was only the power supply that went out on it.  This week I am going to get some CD’s to back up things that are on here.  So glad it is back.  Now I can resume my DVD watching.  Even though, my mom had lent me her laptop for a couple of weeks.  Very grateful for that.  Gonna have to put me a laptop of my own on lay-away soon. 

Well today I saw mom and sis off, back down the road to Angelo.  It was a good time.  We ended up at Sam Moon, my sis has never been there; so we took her, and she loved it.  Oh yes, this month is almost at its’ end.  It has been good so far, I expect more awesome things to come my way.  Here’s to the end of a great weekend, praying the new week brings awesome things your way readers and friends.


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