Month: February 2015

Food for thought

So I think I will just stick to the basics, when it comes to drinking.  And by basics, I mean alcohol.  Not drinking.  Me and a friend went out Friday night to Baby A’s to check out a band that was playing.  We ordered our meal, she had a Mexican martini,very dirty. Tasted good.  I ordered the famous Purple Rita.  Do not know what all was in it.  Was delicious though.  The food was yummo as well.  But the next morning, my stomach was on a tear. So I think I will stick to just soft drink when going out.  The music was hot though, had a great time.  This is what I had.


Called Baby Changa.  So delicious.


Purple Rita.

Was good, but imma lay off the alcohol.  Baby A’ is very delicious.  Two thumbs up.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 7:  ( picture this )


So I bought myself a new DSLR camera.  Still figuring out things.  Will take it out tomorrow; weather permitting.  Oh yes!  I am feeling photo snappy. 

Now picture this as well.  This day is valentines so I present to your senses.


Camera and cheesecake are my valentines to myself this year.  Figured I would treat myself.  Yeah!  So here’s to this day.  Enjoy, I know I will.

52 Weeks. ( Picture This )

Week 6:  ( Picture this )


Walking down the street.  Yes, mounted police women.  Some is Austins finest on their four footed friend!   It was a fine day, I was out looking for some action.  Good action, but came across this instead.  Was a good time to take a photo.  So onward.  Until the next time.  Enjoy the day.