Month: March 2015

Wow!, just wow!

So today after work Pat and I went to The Thinkery.  It is a childrens museum, and let me tell you, it was amazing, I wish they had a museum like this when I was a kid. We then went to the park next to it, there was a couple of food trucks there.  One was short bus subs.  We tried, oh my!  Yummalicious indeed.  I got the spring break.  Heaven! 



Definitely two thumbs up.  The subs were delicious,  filling, and worth it.  I reccomend checking them out .  They were at Mueller park.  

52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 13:  (picture this )



The things you can get for free to furnish your house,apartment, or office.  This was on the curb by the street, usually I have seen some great things by trash bins, heck I got a great dresser out of it,and my mom got a awesome baker’s rack.  This though is not a good find.  Perhaps to some it could be the finishing touch, for me; I will pass.  Perhaps another day the pickings will be good.  Perhaps.

Not what I expected…

So the other day, I had an outing downtown, I went to the capitol, took some photos, then just browsed around, well I got hungry, so I decided to see what the to do about PTerry’s was about.  I knew they had opened shop on sixth and congress, so I just skipped on down there.  The line was long on the inside, mostly people waiting to get the food they ordered, the ordering line itself was not long.  So I looked at what they had and placed my order.  1 cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and the sauce.  1 side of fries, and 1 caramel milkshake.  I waited for 20 min, then obtained my order.





So the slogan goes…  Never been better, well I think it could have been much better.  I paid $7.04 for all that you see before you, and it really could have been much better.  the milkshake really just tasted like a vanilla shake with caramel sauce, the fries were a bit too greasy and the burger did not have enough flavor to it,  It bordered on the bland.  If I had to give this a score from 1 to five I would give it a 2.  In fact I just gave it a 2, meaning to me it was an alright burger, nothing fancy, and nothing in my opinion to go over board about.  That’s just me, and this is just one more thing I have tried in Austin.

On to the next thing my friends, hope you have a great day, I sure will.

This must be magic!

Oh my feet!, my feet, they feel so good, these shoes with the memory foam must be magic I say!  I have just been on my feet walking home from the bus stop, now I have walked all the way down to the library here, and I say, my feet feel so good.  What is this magic, I don’t understand it all, but I am going to walk till I have walked all the memory out of these shoes, and then I am going to purchase another pair, oh my, oh my, this is wonderful!

Just wanted to convey how awesome these sketchers are.  That is all my loyal, now you can return back to your regularly scheduled programs.  Toodles!

A Spring in my step!

Indeed!  Spring has sprung, and so have I.  Yesterday, my sister bought me new shoes.  Some pretty fly sketchers.  So now today I am truly breaking them in.  After all the rain the past couple days, today looks mighty fine.  I have so taken advantage of it, and of having this day off as well.

After seeing the family off, I hopped on the bus and headed down to the Zilker Botanical Garden.  Such a beautiful day to go take photos.  So once I get them done, I will post. 

Seems as though March is going well, a little hiccup., did not get that job I had applied to, no worries, as I see it, perhaps it just was not for me at this time.  I still have employment, making a bit more than when I started, all is good.  Will still continue to put in Apps to other places as well.  Life is good.

So in two weeks, me and mom will be seeing Stevie Wonder, too, too, exciting.  There are also a couple more concerts I am looking into as well.  Stay tuned!  So now, I am on my way back home, today has been a wonderful day indeed!

52 Weeks ( Picture this )

Week 12:  ( picture this )


Indeed my friends, it is me.  Sporting a head full of braids.  Spring growing season.  Today, has been a good day.  Family was in town.  We went to the round rock outlet, where my sis got me a pair of new sketcher sneakers, so now I can so some walking big time. 

Now  chillin  with the family watching movies.  Today, has been awesome.  Hope yours have been as well.


So here I sit at work, in the breakroom, on the computer, typing this out. I have yet to figure out the work/life balance. I wake up way too early, spend 8 hours at work, come home and I am exhausted, watch a movie, eat, then off to bed, just to do the same things over the next day. When I am off, I try to fill my time exploring or trying something new, sometimes it works, other times it is a fail. I have to figure this thing out, one thing I need to do it eat better, and exercise, perhaps once I am on top of that, the rest will slide into place. Until then, it is a constant battle of trying to get what needs to be gotten in. Stay tuned!

Welp, SXSW is in full swing, with the music portion of the festivale, I was thinking about going; but decided I am just way to tired to deal. Perhaps next year, one never knows. I did happen to go to the free gaming part, it was pretty cool, a nerdist paradise.

The weather has been up and down these past few weeks, first beautiful sunny days, then cold rainy, wet, gray, dreary days. Spring starts tomorrow Officailly well, either tomorrow or Saturday, any way, here’s to beautiful days, and sunny skies. To be continued!

So if where ever you are, the sun is shining, get out and enjoy it.

52 Weeks ( Picture this )

Week 11:  ( picture this )


Every now and again, when I get to this bus stop it is clean.  Usually though, this is the way it looks; this is pretty tame, compared to the homeless bundled up on one of the 6 benches, fast asleep.  I do not particularly like being there, but have to catch the bus at this stop.  Oh!,  the life of a bus rider.