Wow!, just wow!

So today after work Pat and I went to The Thinkery.  It is a childrens museum, and let me tell you, it was amazing, I wish they had a museum like this when I was a kid. We then went to the park next to it, there was a couple of food trucks there.  One was short bus subs.  We tried, oh my!  Yummalicious indeed.  I got the spring break.  Heaven! 



Definitely two thumbs up.  The subs were delicious,  filling, and worth it.  I reccomend checking them out .  They were at Mueller park.  


2 thoughts on “Wow!, just wow!

    1. They had huge light brights, it taught you different thing about math and science. Lots of modern things. Lots of hands on things, way cool. The sandwhich was smoked turkey, chedder,bacon,ranch dressing,lettuce, and tomato. It was delish.

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