Month: April 2015

Lots and lots of cars, oh my!

So yesterday my mother, sister, nephew, and I went downtown to see all the new shiny cars at the 2015 Austin Auto Show.  It was a blast of course, so many cars, so many possibilities lol.  Well not really for me anyway, since I don’t drive.  But that does not stop me from looking, there are definitely cars I love, and like and sat in.  I have never sat in a Mercedes, and yesterday was my first time, and oh let me tell you, I could fell the luxury of this vehicle.  There were other luxury cars on hand as well, there was a few that no one could get into to even sit in.  In all, I had a wonderful time, and it was nice that the fam was spending it enjoying the cars as well.  If you live anywhere they have auto shows, I say, you might want to check them out, they are loads of fun, that is if you like stuff like that.  And on that note, here are a few of the cars I saw.  Hope you enjoy.

auto3                                    auto5

auto16                                 auto21

auto27                                  auto24

52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 16:  (picture this )


Where are these track leading?  Winding, twisting, to places unknown?  Are these the tracks of life, yes, I wonder.  Really though, they are just the rail tracks for Austin’s Metro Rail.  Travels all the way to Leander then back to the heart of downtown.  I rode the metro rail yesterday for the first time.  It was alright, nothing much to write home about.  It got me to where I needed to be.  A bit pricey for a day pass at $ 7.00, but it will give you access to the local and premium busses as well, so that is a plus.  Started to follow up closer to getting downtown.  Was comfy, spacious, perks of free WiFi.  Will travel on it again.

It’s So Hard, To Say Good-bye…

And on that note…  It is a wrap folks, not just a season finale, but a series finale of Justified.  I have heard, that the final episode, was the best ending.  Now I don’t know but I do believe it had all the things people had come to love about this show.  Yes, I have been a fan since the first time my mom popped that first dvd into the player and we sat and watched, I was hooked.  From the action, to the well played lines between the characters.  So very sad to see this show end, but all good things, must come to an end.  One of my favorite quotes is from the lead character Raylin Givens, talking to one of the bad guys that just took his hat and put it on his head.  Raylin says…  ” Son, that’s a ten gallon hat, on a twenty gallon head ”  I just about died laughing, and that is what this show was to me, laughs, tears, and thrills.  Thank you Justified, for 6 years of quality episodes.

So with that being said, now I just have to go out and buy the last two seasons, and I will have all six for my collection.  If you have not ever seen this show, I highly, highly, highly reccommend it to you, go out get the dvds, and watch it!

Isn’t she lovely…

Indeed it was a night to behold, one night that will be cherished!  The Stevie Wonder concert was amazing!  It started a little rocky for us.  We left at 3:30 to ho check in at the hotel, decided to stay in a hotel after the concert down town close to the frank Erwin.  Took a taxi, half way there I screamed we have to turn around; I had in our rush out, had forgotten the tickets!  So we had to go back to the apartment, get the tickets and head out again to the hotel. 
Once we checked in, mom ordered food from mai tai’s Asian.  Then it was concert time, the sucky part was you could not bring cameras with detachable lenses in.  One of the cool things about my camera was to be able to take clear photos at concerts.  Well I was out of luck.  So had to use my camera phone; not the best pictures any way I did not let that get me down, I was in the presence of greatness! 
Mom and I had a blast last night.  Stevie rocked the joint.  It was more than I could have expected. 

Stay tuned, for the next concert update!