Month: May 2015

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 22: (  picture this )


Just after the major storms, it was a very nice day to be out on the pond, line out, trying to catch some fish.  We did not catch any, oh well, still a great day.  This is Red bluff.  Great fishing spot.  Had gone back to Angelo last weekend. So we hit the pond.  I surely miss that calming time.  Enjoy friends.


So left my computer on last night, did not know we had a major storm, went to bed, woke up, the computer was off, so tried turning it on….  Ugh!!!  It makes this sound, but does not boot up, I see it is on, but nothing on the monitor, it makes this shhhhhhhhhh sound, like it wants to do something, but nope, nothing is happening, Oyvey!!!  I really hope this is not the end for my computer.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 21:  ( picture this )


Ugh!  That’s right.  It has looked this way for over two weeks,and still there is more to come.  Rainy, cloudy,sometimes dreary weather.  Oh sun come shine your beautiful rays of energy upon me.  Don’t know about any one else here, but I would like to see clear skies again.  Enjoy your day friends.

Oh Hi There

My name is princess, please to meet you.   This is my mom’s cat princess, and by her standards, she really does think that she is the princess of the house.  I love her though.  Here are some pictures I took of her.  Enjoy.

pp1                                 pp2

pp6                                       pp8                              pp9

Princess P.  Kitty

Hop, skip, and jump…

Back to San Angelo it was.  I had three days off last week, and my mom drove down picked me up and we headed back to San Angelo for the day, I actually stayed 1 and a half days, but it was all good, got a good start back to Austin Sunday Morning.  It was nice seeing actual nice weather heading back to Angelo, because it has been nothing more than gray and wet here in Austin.  Of course the weather has turned back that way, but it was still nice being in in the sun.  Here are a few photos I took on the trip.










So the trip back was cool, started to hit rain the closer to Austin we got, in all, I had not been back to Angelo since I got sick last year, but always nice to see old friends, to which I did, but always good to be back home in Austin as well.  I surely miss those long rides, but I am sure that I will get more in.  Enjoy your day friends.

52 Weeks (Picture This )

Week 20:  ( picture this )


Not the best picture I could have taken from my phone, the vehicle was in motion.  This is a photo of the sun setting; on my ride with my mom back to San Angelo, Texas.  Yes, I have come back for a little visit.  Having three days off from work, I will be heading back to Austin tomorrow.  I need more beautiful sunsets and sun rises in my life.  Enjoy.