Month: July 2015


So I do believe it was a couple of weeks ago, that I and parents got word that we would not be able to get the apartment together, well I got better news now, that did not stop my mom and dad from looking even more, so they looked, and they got the apartment that they were looking at, it is a luxury one, it is very spacious, even though it will Cost $$$  that is alright, because it is what they want.  So everything did indeed work out alright, I still have my apartment, and they will have theirs as well.  The perk is that they will be living just down the street from me, a couple of apartments over, and that is amazing, I love that as well, they are not right there, but not far away as well.  It all works out.  I can just walk up the street to them if need be, and I am sure I will find myself over there more than I am at my own apartment.  Oh God is so very good!

I got the message bruh…

So the cat I have been feeding for some time now, is now having problems with this other cat around the complex, It is a Siamese cat, and it is trying to move in on his territory.  It now comes around eating his food that is out there, and they have gotten into a screeching match the other morning at 3 am on the downstairs neighbors ledge, which caused me to hurl my sandle down at them to break it up.  Yup, they were like marbles, they scattered the scene.  Anyhoo…  This morning while I was heading down the stairs, I saw what looked like cat poop, on the stair way, I am thinking this other cat is trying to send the message that he will be taking over this lot.  I aint scarred now way, I am going to make sure to keep on top of this situation.  Boy, it is cray,cray around these parts.  Hope your Saturday weekend is starting out a lot better than mine.

Agenda less

What is it you do on your day off, when you have it completely free?  No agenda.  For me it feels good to just explore,  like today, have the day completely free, so what am I up to, you may ask.  Just riding the bus, enjoying the morning, getting on another bus to head over to the Barnes and nobles Yes, today is the kind of day for me to just chill out.  This is how I do it occasionally.  What does your day off consist of?

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 29:  ( picture this )


Ladies, listen up.  Imagine going into a store with all the purses and handbags you have dreamed of, baubles, jewelry and the what nots just waiting to be had.  Well. I present Sam Moon.  This store is amazing, things that dazzle and sparkle so bright; you need shades and a bigger basket to haul your load.  Indeed,  when I walked through the doors my eyes glazed over.  Very affordable, if there happens to be a Sam moon in your part of the world, I highly suggest you stop by.  😉

Lesson learned

Now my mom has always said, experience is the best teacher, or a lesson learned is a lesson earned…  something like that, anyhoo, I do believe I have learned my lesson.  Today having my apartment carpet cleaned, complementary cleaning from the complex.  So the lesson of this story is…  I will be getting an area rug; so as to not have much to worry about come the end of my lease next year.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 28:  ( picture this )


A beautiful Austin skyline.  The downtown buildings all lit, the atmosphere delightful.  Thus was fourth of July.  Went to see the fireworks, first time.  It was amazing, and beautiful.  They say about 100,000 people were there that day/night.  I can believe it.  The place was packed, I was one of the 100,000.  Yes!  This is the place I live, and the beauty that I see.

What A Game…

Mom bought the first season of The Game of Thrones.  My, my, my and a game it is.  Awesome storyline, great acting, could use less nudity; plenty of carnage, in all I say…  Where the heck have I been all this time.  I am going to have to do plenty of catching up.  This show is awesome!  I practically stayed up till midnight watching it, knowing I had to be up at four am to get ready for work, oh yes, I may suffer today on the grind, but I do knowing it was well worth it.  I  have a new obsession!  Let the games begin!

When one door closes…

Seems as though the new apartment move will not be taking place at this time.  Mom and dad will be staying where they are for now, and I will keep the apartment I am in for another year. 

This door may have been closed, but God always open up another.  So I will not pout.  It will all be good.  God has something far better in store.  Things happen for a reason.  That is all.

Taken’ Care of Buisness.

So today things got taken care of, that needed to be taken care of.  Papers got turned in for the apartment and deposits got handed over, now just background and credit checks need to take place.  The official move in date will be next month of course, things still need to be done on my end.  I will need to get the electricity changed over, still much work to be done. 

My day off has been spent doing this.  Back to work in the morning, I really am looking forward to this.  I am also hoping to get tickets for me and a couple of co-workers to go see Cirque du soleil.  Stay tuned…

The fourth fireworks down town was spectacular.  Pat and I went, I have photos, just have not shade the time to put them up, or get them edited.  They will be up this coming week.  It was plenty nice.  Hope your fourth was just as great.

July seems to be starting out amazing.