Month: September 2015

It does tastes like chicken!

That would be alligator.  Today my mom, sister,nephew,and I went downtown 6th street.  We went to The Pecan Street Festival.  It was their first time going, they loved it.  It was also a first for us all to try alligator on a stick, let me tell you; it was delicious, in fact, it tasted like chicken.  Wow! Chicken.  Now I can say I have experienced gator.  The pecan street fest was good as always.  Until the next one in the spring 2016.  Enjoy!


Mom and sister enjoying gator on stick.


Nephew enjoying gator.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 38:  ( picture this )


This is what week 38 looks like.  Today I will be doing a lot of this.  My family is moving to Austin.  Today is my sister and nephew, so will be doing a lot of hauling boxes to their apartment.

Helping my mom finish moving stuff into her apartment.  Yes, this is crazy: so I am going yo be so very busy this day.  Enjoy the day friends and readers.

Just the beginning of tired

So yesterday was the day my mom and dad got the keys to their apartment, which is just two complexes over.  Since dad is working hard, it was up to me and mom to take some of the boxes to the new place.  We are almost done with that.  We are beyond tired.  There is still plenty to do; but have to let the men folk do all that.

So back to work today, and tomorrow.  Have the weekend of; was supposed to be free museum day for me Sunday, now just looking ahead to moving day.  Work, clearly is never done.  This move is helping sister and nephew.  All hands on deck with this one.  Until then, enjoy the day.

Type in the letters…

There you are, your story for all to see, all to see on the pages in-between.  I typed in the letters and it was all the same, sure, names have been changed, new players at the table, but it is still the same old hand, nothing new, nothing new to me and to you.  Oh how the days, months, years go by, and still the same hand gets played, safe hands on life’s great chances.  Still the same, still the same.  I typed in the letters, and now I am through typing.  The hand I was dealt, was the hand of fate, a blessing, a signpost ahead, one that says, you are a winner in every way.

So, there you are, your story for all to see, all to see on the pages in-between.  I am seeing all I could not see before, and I see a bright road ahead.  So you play your hand, the same old hand you have always played.  Me, well for me, I am going to cash in my chips and live.

Funny how this happens…

Yesterday, as I went to the mailbox, opened up the little door, and what is it I see waiting for me…  You got it, the tickets that I had ordered for the Cirque du soleil, lol oh Murphy’s law, hard at work.  So the tickets are just souvenirs now, eventually to be put in a scrap-book or folder of the things I have done, and seen.  Ha, ha, next time I will just use the e-reciet, and print my tickets out, probably less of a hassle that way.  C’est La Vie my friends.