Month: October 2015

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 44: ( picture this )


Just a continued bout of rain we have been experiencing here in Austin.  Of course this time not as bad as last weekend, where I had to call out, this time I am heading down the rainy path to work.  I am actually glad this is the last day of the month, looking forward to a better month in November.  So all you out there in the rain, keep safe, and dry.

Just another rainy day…

Here in the ATX, man I really wish that I was not here at work, it is raining cats and dogs, frogs and hogs.  I am going to try to get off work early if that is even possible, there is already a skeleton crew here today, so may not even get that chance.  I am not all that into rain, not in this kind of way anyhow.

I have one more day to work, then off on Sunday, hopefully that day will be a clear, sunny kind of day, or nice weather day.  Not sure what I will do, but definitely know if it is raining that I will be staying indoors.  Ugh!

Rain, rain, go away…  Keep safe all my austinite readers and of course family and friends.

The road less traveled…



Looks like this road will finally be less traveled by both my mom and dad.  The road between Austin and San Angelo.  Today, me and mom traveled to San Angelo to finish up getting prescription’s for him.   He is down here fully.  And the good news is that he will start his new job in the morning . He will be working,  for United moving.  Yup, already on a job.  It is all good.  So this road will not be traveled often.  There will still be times that they will go, but for now, these wheels are heading home to Austin Texas.

52 Weeks ( Picture This )

Week 43:  ( picture this )


The weather Here has been much rainy, and plenty of flooding.  From this hurricane.  It is still raining at this moment, so much rain that there are places that are flooded.  So I had to call out from work due to the floods. 

Today is also the day my step dad is officially moved to Austin with my mom, yesterday, was his last day at his job.  Of course he will get a job here, but they are all here now.

Wine(ing) the day away

So October is here, and that makes me smile, this happens to be my birthday month.  I will grace 42 come Wednesday the 7th.  Life is well life these days.  I have had my ups and downs this year, but nothing that has broken me.  Stronger and wiser I say.

Today I am depending it with the rents, basking at their apartment.  Sitting on the patio balcony sipping wine with my mom as we talk and enjoy this fall weather. 


Wine down Sunday.

My dad will officially be down here the 23rd.  And San Angelo will be just a memory in the books.  He is So ready to be here now. 

I will say it is good having them here.  Still having my life independence is awesome, but having the other is great also.

Today is a beautiful day, my day off and the weather is perfect.  So hope your day is coming along awesome.  Get out and enjoy.