Life and all that jazz.

Today was a cold day, it was cold and windy, brrrr!  Not the kind of weather that I enjoy, but it was, what it was.  I got out today with my mom, she had to go get an eye exam, and a pair of glasses, she has finally entered the world of transition glasses.  I hope she enjoys it, I know I do.  Now just getting her to keep them on her face all day lol, when do we become parents to our parents.

Well, tomorrow it is paper work for me to fill out with this new job.  I am excited and scared, because it is pretty different from what I feel in my comfort zone, but to be anything more in life, I am going to have to constantly get out of my comfort zone, to venture out and to free myself, from the bonds of what I feel afraid of.

Well finished season 3 of wentworth, it was well worth it, I definitely like this show.  My allergies are running amuck, just put in some eyedrops, ugh, but am enjoying this spring type of weather we have been having, just with patches of cold, blustery, grey, ugh. Welp enough about life and all that jazz, until the next time, enjoy.


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