Month: February 2016


So the night before last, my mom’s truck was broken into.  I say that, because there was things taken out and thrown about onto the ground.  We did not know till the morning.  On her way to taking me to work; there were several sheriff’s in the parking lot of her complex, taking statements from others who had their vehicle broken into as well.  Thank God the person did not shatter her windows, other people were not so lucky.  A couple of funny things is that he took a box of sketchers from my moms truck.  Little did he know the only thing in that box was a very worn pair of Payless champion shoes.  He also took my half full bag of jolly ranchers and my mom’s flashlight.  Of which was recovered.  Believe me, there will be more awareness now!  It could have been much worse than that.

Mountian… Meet Mole Hill!

I am petrified, scared, so scared.  This training I am in, has got me so scared to move forward.  I know I am making a mountian out of a mole hill, but I have always been scared to move forward in one way or the other.  I am three weeks into this and I so want to run, and hide, I absolutely want to quit!  I feel, it is because the thought of talking to people over the phone and not wanting to fail is giving me anxiety.  Tomorrow, we do live hot seats, and it terrifies me, I have avoided doing them, but there is no escape for tomorrow, tomorrow, I will have to take live calls.  Sure the teacher will be right there, but it still terrifies me like no other.  Tomorrow is payday, and all day long I have been thinking of ways to quit this, just not even come back, but I feel so guilty, that I have talked myself out of it.  for one I don’t want to disappoint my mom, she is so proud of me, then I don’t want to disappoint my trainer, he has spent time and effort, plus the recruiters that I interviewed with, thought well enough of me, and I impressed them, that they offered me on the spot to be able to go through this training.  Of course myself, I don’t want to disappoint myself, I just want to do well, and get past this anxiety, and be able to prove to myself that I do have what it takes to do this, to move forward, and to make something more of myself.  I am terrified.  I want to crawl in a corner, ball up and cry, but I have to keep it together, I have to push myself forward.  I can’t quit.  I have to keep going.  So I am going to stick this out; until the end, and if I make it, I make it, and if I don’t well, back to putting in applications.  I am so scared, so very scared.

Week One Down

Booya!  I made it through week one of my training, and there was a point in the beginning of the week, that I did not think I could do it, but as the days went on, and through Thursday, I started to feel that, this is really attainable.  I mean, I am still scared, because I really don’t know how to talk to people over the phone, meaning that I get nervous when I have to say more than a couple of words, it is strange will have to go into that at another day, but I do believe I am soaking it all in, we have lots and lots to cover, and I feel more like I will be able to do this.  Plus, the instructor is so funny, and cool, he makes it worth while, we started out as a class of 30, now we are a class of 26, hopefully I am able to keep in there as well.  We take our test on Monday, over all that we covered for the week.  I feel good this week.  I have today and tomorrow off, but back at it again Monday for week two.  Will definitely keep all updated on how things are going.  For now, I and my mom are off to the mall to do some retail therapy.  So here’s to Keeping it fly.

That time of the year again…

That would be getting that spring cleaning done, and also getting my balcony ready for it.  This year I really want to decorate it.  Get it looking all beautified and decked out.  There are a couple of things I saw, that I think would look good on my patio.  Here are a couple of things I took a photo of, that I have been thinking of.


Solar glass art ball.  Think this would look awesome.


Galileo outdoor thermometer.  Always liked the indoor ones, now getting one for the outside.  Along with patio table, chairs and perhaps plants and bench stools.  Ah time to start planning stage 1 outdoor.  To be continued.


That would be taxes for another year, yes, finally got my w-2 and off the the free races it would be for me.  This year it was the Asian American resource center.  Thank God for free tax preparations.  So that is done, now just waiting on my refund, which is a lot more this year than last, which is well in time, because those bills wait for no one, and until I get my first training paycheck, this will have to tie me over.  For sure, new sketcher shoes will be on the list.  Gotta have some good kicks to do all my walking.

Can you believe that facebook is celebrating it’s 12th birthday, heck, seems like facebook should be a lot older, I can remember the first time I was turned on to facebook, I had no idea how to work it, posting on my wall, lol, I think in all, I have had 2 facebook accounts in my lifetime lol, or the 12 years, and only that due to the fact that my account got hacked one year, and I could not get into it, so I had to make another account, crazy indeed.

Not  a whole lot to chat about, but just wanted to update things, until the next time, enjoy your day.

Call to duty…

Jury duty that is.  Ah, I do know that it is my duty to serve on it, but that does not mean I have to like it, because I do not.  Especially with me just starting this training for this new job, but there is nothing much that can be done about that, so in two weeks I have to report to court.

Next week I start training and I am nervous, this is pretty much different from my last job, where I will actually be talking to people.  Excited and nervous, oh boy that makes for tummy troubles.

The weather have been absolutely gorgeous here in Austin, of course the cold weather is going to peek back in this week, starting tonight, but I know that pretty sun, will come perking it’s way back in, just have to hold on, because as we all know, I love sunny warm days.

Well, I almost forgot that today happens to be the first day of February, good-bye to January, and hello to February.  Here’s hoping that February brings nothing but greatness.  Now get out there and enjoy if possible.