Month: July 2016

What’s going on…

So it’s been a min. Since I last blogged.  Here I sit on the day before the last day in July, filled with tequila,  and wine, pondering what’s going on.  Watching the first season of Hinterland on netflix.  Life goes on.  So the new is that I have severed myself from the temp agency, and have found a new job!  I will start on the 8th of August.  The company is part of GM.  It is a contact center job, I am excited for something new.  Keeping all things positive.

Life has been good.  I have been bus hopping a bit more, and taking photos  on my phones camera.  I really dig the quality of this note 5.   Here are a few photos I took this week.

As Summer deepens, the weather has been too hot!  Try to stay indoors, but gets so bored easily, so have to go out and explore my Austin.  Life has been good.